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These are some links to Hex-related information, utilities and resources.

Mailing Lists

There is a mailing list for discussion of the play of hex, exploration of variations on lines of play, and the development of the OHex database. To receive these mailings (and to contribute) send mail to Majordomo and if it doesn't happen automatically, put this line in the body of the email:
subscribe ohex
You will receive a confirmation. You can put other commands in the body. The most likely ones are "info ohex" and "help".

Now there is also a list specifically for the theory (as in theorem proving) of the game. To receive these mailings (and to contribute) send mail to Majordomo and if it doesn't happen automatically, put this line in the body of the email:

subscribe theory

Much of the materials from the theory group are under password protection; however, the main page and its bibliography are visible here.


Kevin O'Gorman's OHex (Web-based)
Kevin Walker's JHex database (Java application). There's also a modified version preferred by the OHex maintainer, which you can find here.

Places to Play

Richard's play-by-email site -- Turn-based email play. Default play is on an 11x11 board, but others sizes are available.
Kurnik - Polish site, but bilingual with English. Default play is on a 10x10 board.
LittleGolem -- Turn-based web play and tournaments. Default play is on a 13x13 board
Queenbee online.
Boardspace.net -- Online play against a robot or a human.
Kurnik (English) Ratings tournaments occur often.
Kurnik (Polish) (Other languages available too)

Places to Chat

Some of the "Places to Play" have a chat facility. In addition some other game-oriented sites have this ability as well; for instance:
GamesTalks.com - Gaming community, Gaming Directory, Online Flash Gaming and much more...

Computer Opponents

Six (KDE application)
Hexy (Windows application)
Hex-7 (web-based 7x7 game)
Queenbee's home page and web-based play.
Play Arthur's Hex Game on the web, with boards from 5x5 to 9x9
Download Hex program from the Linux Game Tome


A Hex Wiki! Of course, it's called HexWiki.
The ICGA (Int'l Computer Games Assn) has an excellent reference page edited by Vadim Anshelevich.
Wikipedia (free online encyclopedia) Hex game page. This page correctly points out that everything in my database should be taken "with a grain of salt". Smart.
Google's Open Directory page for Hex.
Javhar's links page
The Hex page in Party Games
The "Games Talks" site Page of links.

Tutorials, Theory and Other Information

The OHex theory project. Formal proofs relating to Hex. A work in progress.
Hex was invented by Piet Hein and John Nash
Jing Yang's Hex results
Jing Yang's proven 7x7 win
Jing Yang's second proven 7x7 win
Machine Intelligence Hex Team
Glenn Rhoads' three very good hex tutorials. amidst other interests
Hex openings up to 6x6
David King's Beginner info and templates
Yahoo! Clubs maitregshexclub
Emanuele's hex web site
Cameron Browne's hex web site
ICGA (International Computer Gaming Association web page for Hex. Lots of links and other information.
GameAI Page Artificial Intelligence and games.
Hex board images

Position Editor

Download KHex Position Editor

Game Records

There is a Smart Game Format for recording games. This is used at LittleGolem, for instance.
Jhex has its own file format.
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