Beige-on-white images

These are PNG images of a beige board on a white background, with red and blue edges. The images vary a small amount in size but the small ones are about 235 x 150 pixels, and the large ones about 780 x 490.

You can download all the images as a ZIP file or GZIPPED TAR file

Small Image Small Large
hex3-small.png hex3.png
hex4-small.png hex4.png
hex5-small.png hex5.png
hex6-small.png hex6.png
hex7-small.png hex7.png
hex8-small.png hex8.png
hex9-small.png hex9.png
hex10-small.png hex10.png
hex11-small.png hex11.png
hex12-small.png hex12.png
hex13-small.png hex13.png
hex14-small.png hex14.png
hex15-small.png hex15.png
hex16-small.png hex16.png
hex17-small.png hex17.png
hex18-small.png hex18.png
hex19-small.png hex19.png
hex20-small.png hex20.png
hex21-small.png hex21.png
hex22-small.png hex22.png
hex23-small.png hex23.png
hex24-small.png hex24.png
hex25-small.png hex25.png
hex26-small.png hex26.png