Credits for OHex database

OHex Credits

Many thanks are due to others who have helped (and continue to help) to make this project possible.
To Jon Kleiser for supplying the original idea and gifs for a web-based hex board.
To Vadim V. Anshelevich, for his kind permission for my use of his Hexy program in constructing this database. Hexy was invaluable in providing "completions" of games that had been resigned, and of a great many partial games which I constructed to investigate particular situations.
To ecoist, neuronet, Hexxx, DeathMrDeath, gkvp, ypercube, twixter, TrayD and door1 for providing games, constructive criticism, and encouragement.
To pristy for providing detailed variations.
To Kevin Walker (spam-resistant address: kevin at canyon23 dot net) for his kind permission for inclusion of the JHex database.
To Gabor Melis for creating the "Six" hex-playing program, and making it Open Source so that I could modify it to do some of the chores involved in maintaining OHex, more conveniently than Hexy. Without it, I would have been unable to absorb or create the mountains of data I have used to populate the database.
To the admins of the Kurnik! site for sending me a mountain of past games for inclusion in OHex.
To Richard Malaschitz for operating the Little Golem site, and for giving me access to the games in his archive. Go there and play for web-based games in 13x13 and 19x19 sizes.
To Radek (Kurnik! user na-wspak) for translating OHex into Polish.
To Thomas Maarup for translating OHex into Danish.