You can help!

Things happen a lot faster if there are more people cooperating.  Here's what I know is needed:

International: I'm interested in translations to other languages. I already have a version in Polish, and would like others.

Design: I'm kind of a novice with graphics.  I want to change the graphics to be smaller to fit on 800x600 screens, and the board into grayscale so the pages will print well on more printers. I would also like to use the PNG format, if someone can tell me how to create transparent regions in a PNG graphic.

Games, games and games. In any format. On that note:

Ideas, ideas and ideas: things to make the page more useful.

I already recognize simple templates.  Here's an example.  If you understand templates, and have an idea about how to recognize them automatically from a game record, I would like to hear from you.

Contact me at  Kevin O'Gorman, or during play Kurnik! -- I operate under the names kogorman and I_Use_OHex. If you play me under the latter name, you may be playing against the database: you've been warned.