This is a database of moves in the game of Rectangle. Choose: English(US), Dansk, Polski.
There are 365 different games here, including 1,661 unique board positions.


The next move will be by the horizontal player. All there are is losing moves. Too bad!
The best moves on record appear to be B4, C1, D1. They seem to delay the loss as long as possible (move 9). Expect a loss on move 9.
The most-played move on record is B2 (13 games).
Of the 44 different games on file that went through this position,
     38 were wins for the vertical player and
     6 were wins for the horizontal player.

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  A prior move for the vertical player.
  A losing move for the horizontal player, but at least it tries.
  A possible losing move for the horizontal player.

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